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Original title: Wrony
German title: Krähen
Poland, 1994

Director: Kedzierzawska, Dorota
Production company: OKO Film Studio
Co-producers: Telewizija Polska
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

The nine-year-old girl feels sad and lonely in this world. She has no father and her mother has no time for her because she has to work so much. At school things do not look much better. Neither popular with the older schoolchildren nor the teachers, her world is full of more pain than joy.
She spends her afternoons wandering about and this is how she befriends a dog, who looks just as lost as she is. But her attempts to make the dog trust her by offering biscuits fail and she soon finds herself alone once more. In her desperation she locks herself away in the toilette and begins to talk to herself, taking her sadness outon everything around her. She decides to run away.
On the way, she meets a three-year-old girl from her neighbourhood whom she decides to take with her. Together they decide to travel to the end of the world. She promises to be a genuinely good mother to the little girl. But the little one's feet soon begin to hurt her and besides, she is hungry ... (IFF Berlin 1995)

One of these rare, silent, deep ans sensitive films that give children the feeling that they are not alone in the world when they feel sad about something. And as well a film that makes adults think about their attention they pay to their children.

KJK 2/95

Berlin 1995, Amsterdam 1999

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Seawell Films (F)