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Original title: Muutoksi
German title: Wechselspiele
Finland, 2014

Director: Laitinen, Sami
Production company: Inland Film Company Oy
Age recommendation: 13 years and up

Living in the Herttoniemi suburb in Eastern Helsinki, 12 year-olds Antti and Muhis have been best friends since kindergarten. Muhis is from a Somali background and the boys’ friendship is tested when a local racist-alcoholic-monster lays his hands on Muhis. A struggle ensues and Antti accidentally shoves the man off a cliff and into the sea. The boys swear to never ever tell anyone and take this secret to their graves.

Schlingel Chemnitz 2014, Nordic Filmdays Luebeck 2014, Oulu 2014, Just Film Tallinn 2014

Website: www.muutoksii.fi

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