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Crack, Back & Sack

Original title: Pornopung
German title: Pornopung *
Norway, 2013

Director: Kaos, Johan
Production company: Feil Film as
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Pornopung is a film about the sympathetic norwegian man´s chase for what all young men want - sex, woman, love, success and popularity. An self-improvement project which was supposed to end in heaven, but takes an ugly turn and sends our main character into a dark downwards spiral through the nightlife of Oslo. Pornopung is a coming-of-age comedy that will punch you in the stomach (or balls?), leaving you with the whole range of emotions - from love, euphoria and laugher on one hand to sickening anger and bad conscious in the other.
Pornopung is an honest film about being young and single in the Norway of today. It is about the choice between sex or love. About having sex appeal, or not having it. About the search for status amongst others, as well as you own self esteem. About doing it wrong, over and over again, despite having the best intensions. About exploiting and being exploited. About being trapped in the social game we all grew up in and learned to embrace.

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Based on the novel "Pornopung" by Mads Larsen

Buster Copenhagen 2014

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LevelK (DK)