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Original title: Cosmonauta
German title: Kosmonaut
Italy, 2009

Director: Nicchiarelli, Susanna
Production company: Fandango
Age recommendation: 16 years and up

In the early sixties Arturo and Luciana, brother and sister and die-hard passionate communists, follow the progress of the space race together, urging on the Soviet cosmonauts. However as they grow up, the relationship between the two gets a little complicated: Luciana, an aggressive, unconventional adolescent, starts going out with boys and is ashamed of her odd brother, who shows no signs of growing up, possibly because of his epilepsy.

Venice 2009, Pusan 2009, Castellinaria Bellinzona 2009, Kinodiseea Bucharest 2010, Cinemagic Dublin 2010

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Fandango (IT)

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Fandango (IT)