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Come into the Light

Original title: Luce del Sole, Alla
Italy, 2004

Director: Faenza, Roberto
Production company: Jean Vigo Italia

“I came back in order to help good people step out with their head held high”, stated Father Giuseppe Puglisi, appointed by the archbishop of Palermo to his native parish of Brancaccio, a suburb of the Sicilian metropolis; there, three years later on his birthday, he was shot by the Mafia. In his new film, director Roberto Faenza turns his attention to the troubled time when the Mafia stepped up its aggression towards the Italian state and, by carrying out bomb attacks in Rome, Florence and Milan, also demonstrated its influence outside Sicily. After more than ten years since the priest’s violent death, Faenza returns to Puglisi’s threeyear attempt to prevent street kids from being gradually transformed into members of criminal organisations. The director avoids superficial glorification of the hero and provides almost surprisingly laconic testimony to his character and endeavours. The subtle urgency of the film is underscored by Luca Zingaretti’s excellent starring performance. (Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2005)

Nominated for the European Film Award 2005

Karlovy Vary Int. Film Festival, 2005 (awarded), Castellinaria Bellinzona 2005 (awarded)

Website: www.allalucedelsole.it

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