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Cinderella the Cat

Original title: Gatta Cenerentola
German title: Cinderella the Cat
Italy, 2017

Director: Rak, Alessandro / Cappiello, Ivan / Guarnieri, Marino / Sansone, Dario
Production company: Mad Entertainment, Rai Cinema
Co-producers: Big Sur, Skydancers, Tramp Limited
Length: 88 min.
Film genre: Animation

Cinderella The Cat has been raised on Megaride, a huge ship which has been docked in the harbour of Naples for over 15 years. Her father, the rich owner of the ship and a scientist, has died, taking the technological secrets of the ship and the dream of the harbour’s rebirth to the grave. Since then, the young girl has lived in the shadow of her terrible stepmother and her wicked six daughters. The city has degenerated into decline and entrusts its last hopes to Salvatore Lo Giusto, AKA ‘o Re, an ambitious drug dealer who, in agreement with the stepmother, exploits the unsuspecting Cinderella’s inheritance to transform the port of Naples into the capital of money laundering. The ship, infested with ghosts-holograms of a forgotten technology and story, will become the theatre of the whole plot, staging the epochal clash between the misery of today’s ambitions and the nobility of the past’s ideals. The young Cinderella’s future and that of the poor city of Naples are linked by the same, thin thread.

Venice IFF 2017, Haifa IFF 2017, Seattle IFF 2018, Molodist Kyiv 2018, Stuttgart ITFS 2018, David di Donatello Award 2018, Annecy 2018, Cartoon Club Rimini 2018

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Rai Com (IT)

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Missing Films (DE)