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Cowboy Angels

Original title: Cowboy Angels
German title: Cowboy Angels
France, 2006

Director: Massee, Kim
Production company: Artworx films
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

In Paris, Pablo, 11 year-old, lives with his mother in a cheap hotel. He spends his days in cafes, putting up with his mother and her dissolute life. Abandoned by her on a week-end, he decides to go looking for his Spanish father. So he bribes Louis, an aimless poker player met in a bar, to drive him to Spain. The unwilling “chauffeur” tries to dump the boy on the way, but to no avail. The search leads to the mother’s various ex-boyfriends, none of which could possibly substitute for a father. Two guys on the road. Bad boys? Angels? Two cowboys drifting along in search of a home. Or is it just a friend they are looking for? Someone for whom one finally counts, a reason for becoming somebody. (Source: Giffoni 2007)

Director’s statement
“COWBOY ANGELS describes two guys on the road, an adult living on the edge, and an abandoned child, both surviving on crumbs of feelings and just pushing on. Faith, with a little help from our young friend Pablo, has made their paths cross and will end up leading them to what they were both seeking: a true friend, someone in whose eyes you want to shine and become somebody. This is why this film, though at times realistic and dark, is full of hope. Because as they reach the end of the road, Pablo and Louis may look the same, but they are deeply transformed”.
“It seemed interesting to me to make a film today which can reach both a young public and also speak to the parents. These films which facilitate discussions between the adult and the children’s, or teenage world, are rare”. (Source: Giffoni 2007)

Giffoni 2007, Oulu 2007

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