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Crumbs (The) – Santa's Little Helper

Original title: Krummerne – så er det jul igen
German title: Crumbs (The) – Santa's Little Helper
Denmark, 2006

Director: Lorentzen, Morten
Production company: Regner Grasten Filmproduktion A/S

Crumb is the only one in the family who believes in Santa Claus. Everyone else thinks he's just being childish and they are all too busy with other things to enjoy the Christmas prelude. But Santa needs Crumb. Santa has given his Christmas Book away the year before and never got it back. The recipe for Christmas pudding is in the book and without pudding Santa loses his magic powers. Crumb stumbles on the book in a thrift store and right away he knows it's something special.

Giffoni 2007

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Regner Grasten Film (DK)

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