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Cloud, The

Original title: Wolke, Die
German title: Wolke, Die
Germany, 2006

Director: Schnitzler, Gregor
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Hannah is a popular high-school student, while Elmar is an outsider with no desire to fit in. Drawn to each other, they are kissing for the first time when, suddenly, the emergency sirens sound. An accident at a nearby nuclear power plant has released a cloud of radioactive gas. It is not yet clear in which direction the cloud is headed, so students are advised to head home and stay indoors until more is known.

As they live on opposite sides of town, Hannah and Elmar are apart when the news comes that the cloud is headed in their direction. Elmar has promised to pick her up in his father’s car, but with the cloud approaching, Hannah is faced with a difficult decision. Increasingly unsure that Elmar will reach her in time, she chooses to make her escape and heads to the train station by bike. The scene at the station is chaos and panic; unable to push her way through the crowd to catch the last train, Hannah is left to wait for the cloud to arrive and contaminate her. On waking the next day in hospital, Hannah is told she has radiation poisoning, and only time will tell if she can recover. When, to her surprise, Elmar tracks her down, she tries to drive him away, fearing she will make him ill as well. Elmar, however, feels that staying with Hannah is worth the risk.

Sprockets Toronto 2007:
Based on the best-selling German novel by Gudrun Pausewang, The Cloud examines the crisis and consequences of a nuclear accident through the eyes of sixteen-year-old Hannah and her new boyfriend Elmar. (...) Featuring outstanding performances from the two central performers, The Cloud is both a powerful love story and an intelligent and riveting tale about a catastrophe we must ensure never comes to pass.

Shanghai 2006, Cinekid 2006, Buster Copenhagen 2006, Cineambiente Turin 2006, Tallinn Black Nights 2006, Bavarian Film Award 2006 (Best Youth Film), Berlin 2007 (German Cinema), Porto 2007, Sprockets Toronto 2007, Seattle 2007, Kristiansand 2007 (awarded), Ale Kino Poznan 2007 (awarded)

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Bavaria Media International (DE)

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Concorde (D)