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Kid Power

Original title: Demandez la permission aux Enfants
German title: Nervensägen
France, 2006

Director: Civanyan, Eric
Production company: Les Films Manuel Munz
Co-producers: TF1 Films Production
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Things just can not continue like this: ten year-old Lola is making life hell for her mother and step father. She places her feet on the table, does not like the food and turns up the music way up loud. In short, she says what goes and the adults are supposed to obey her. When Lola's parents find out that in the Sebag family similar circumstances are the rule, they decide on joint action. After a visit to a psychologist, they know what needs to be done: They simply need to say „no“ and use the same method as their child to enforce their authority. With elaborate tricks they distract their children and secretly sneak out of the house to spend the evening in a discotheque. They mimic the ill-behaved manners of their children and embarrass them in front of their friends. With a variety of tricks they make their children even carry their own school bags back home. The parents' inventiveness yields results. Soon the elitist family Michelet de Varegnes, for whom Lola's mother works as a typist, makes an attempt to employ these new educational methods. Angered, the children join forces. Initially they support each other through the exchange of shoes or sweets, but then they plan their revenge. Only after the situation has escalated, all the involved can once again face each other – even though the chaos is not yet over.

Marketing strategies:
Main actors: Sandrine Bonnaire, Pascal Legitimus, Anne Parillaud etc.

Giffoni 2007, Lucas Frankfurt 2007, Antwerp/Brugge 2008

Website: www.tfmdistribution.com/demandezlapermissionauxenfants/

World sales address/es:
TFI Studio (F)

Sold to:
Elysee (B)
Pathé (CH)
TFM Distribution (F)