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Original title: Boeien!
German title: Kidnapped!
Netherlands, 2022

Director: Wilbers, Bob
Production company: Messercola Drama & Soap
Length: 70 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Ravi, a bright 11 year old girl, and Benja, her headstrong 8 year old stepbrother who she can’t stand, are on a cruise holiday as a blended family. The children are not thrilled about it.

Dad Orlando and mother Maartje take part in a wedding competition on board ship, which they hope will bring their new family closer together.

But not everyone on board the cruise liner has the best of intentions. Onno and Ted, the ship’s cleaners, are running a lucrative side hustle with head of security Nora, selling valuables they have stolen from the passengers. When this causes an unexpected problem, Onno and Ted light upon the brilliant idea of kidnapping Benja and Ravi. Ravi and Benja have to go all out to try and stay out of the hands of the two criminals and end up, reluctantly, forming a lovely bond.

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