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King of Cotton

Original title: Topraga Uzanan Eller
German title: Baumwollkönig, Der
Turkey, 2012

Director: Can, Ömer
Production company: Ömer Can Production
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Toprak is the middle child of a family who went to Cukurova as seasonal worker. He has never gone to school even though he is 6-years old and has not been given identity card yet. His older sister is 15-years old and is forced by her father to be engaged to a man who is as old as her grandfather for the exchange of a considerable amount of dowry. Younger sister of Toprak`s, Zeliha, loses her sight after the poliomyelitis she has experienced. Everybody except for Zeliha is laborer and tries to get by with the money they save for the rest of the year; however, her grandmother dies this year and the family is forced to take Zeliha with them. Toprak can`t stand it when his sister is upset because his attitude towards her is very protective and sort of plays the role of a father. He starts to tell her a fairytale in order for her not to realize poverty and problems they experience. He expresses all the problems differently to his blind sister. In the fairytale the family has to go to the land of the King of Cotton and makes her a sea of cotton in order to save the sick princess. Therefore, they can make a wish from the king and the princess will recover. Actually it is the epic and decorated account of their life. After a while the tale comes to such a state that Toprak starts to believe it as well just like Zeliha. That they meet the landowner for whom they work causes everything to change for Toprak and other laborers. While the fate of Toprak`s and his family`s life changes due to Ahmet with whom they have made friends without knowing his real identity, Toprak`s taking part in his life helps Ahmet to find the meaning of life and helps to shape his life.

Istanbul 2013, Schlingel Chemnitz 2013

Website: www.kingofthecotton.com

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Can Prod. (TR)