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Original title: Krokodyle
German title: Krokodyle
Italy, 2011

Director: Bessoni, Stefano
Production company: Interzone Visions
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Kaspar is a young Polish filmmaker who moved far away from his town. Kaspar is waiting for answers to realize his cinema projects. He passes his time drawing, writing and making up his own imaginary world which, day by day, seems to be getting bigger and more real. He shares his thoughts with Helix, a young photographer interested in death and in capture of images and with Schulz, a doll maker obsessed by theories about creation and dummies, and at the and with Bertolt, a fellow filmmaker who never got over the failure of his first movie, destroyed by a short-sighted production team.

Vittorio Veneto 2012 (awarded)

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Interzone Visions (IT)