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Know My Name

Original title: Siirt'in Sirri
German title: Siirt’in s?rr? – Das Geheimnis von Siirt
Turkey, 2012

Director: Stevens, Kristen & Temelkuran, Inan
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Documentary. – Today one in four female Turkish athletes participate in the traditionally male sports of boxing, wrestling or martial arts, as success in these sports can lead to university spots and teaching or coaching jobs — opportunities that are rare for girls. In addition to enjoying the same things as many youth her age — hanging out with friends, watching and singing along to music videos on YouTube — Kurdish teenager Evin is also a champion wrestler, her prize money helping to support her large family and pay for her brother’s university expenses, despite his initial disapproval of her involvement in the sport. As Evin undergoes intense preparation for the World Championships, where victory may give her a future of her own, will pressure from her family and community hurt her chances in the ring? A fascinating window into a society where women are quietly rejecting the preordained roles thrust upon them, Know My Name is an inspiring testament to perseverance and determination.

Adana 2012 (awarded), Amtalya 2012 (awarded), TIFF Kids Toronto 2013