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King’s Beard, The

Original title: The King’s Beard
Great Britain, 2002

Director: Collingwood, Tony
Production company: no data found yet
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Animation. The King's Beard Rufus lives in a land where there’s hair, hair, and more hair everywhere! This imaginative fairytale is about a king who has a beard that is so long that it is outgrowing the palace and into people’s homes. Since royalty dictates what is fashionable, none of the men in the kingdom ever cut their hair either. This means trouble for Rufus who used all of his money to build a barbershop! He finds himself propelled into a magical adventure far bigger than he could have ever imagined. This delightful film tells the tale of fairies, wizards, a wand and villains, where the fate of the kingdom is held in the balance.