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King of the Farm

Original title: El Rey de la Granja
German title: Herr der Hühner, Der
Spain, 2002

Director: Muro, Gregorio & Zabala, Carlos
Production company: Nainet Zinema
Co-producers: TVE, Via Digital
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Join Mikel on his supergalactic summer holiday. Sci-fi animation meets live action in this madcap comedy. Ten-year-old Mikel has tons of fun at summer camp when he finds an alien sphere that controls people's minds, and becomes King of the Farm. As an alien comes to earth disguised as a cartoon rooster, the adults get a real wind-up! (Leeds Children's Film Festival 2003)

On the asteroid Sondak, the young rebel Kirik manages to get hold of Neuronia, a sphere with which Ramakor controls the minds of all the planet's inhabitants. After freeing the planet and with the sphere in his hands Kirik escapes in a space ship. The Mekans, frightening robots from Ramakor, chase him. Kirik's space ship is hit and he has to take refuge on Earth. In order to camouflage himself among the inhabitants Kirik takes on the form of pictures he has seen on television, but these images are from a cartoon. So Kirik turns himself into a cartoon chicken and then lands near a farm school in the middle of the mountains where summer camps for children are held. (Cine Espanol 2002)

"The amusing graphics of this film will shock everyone that sees it" (Stacey, Leeds Children's Film Festival 2003)

"Very good for younger kids because of the plot, interesting mix of animation and live action, amusing storyline with good acting, easy viewing. (Young People's Jury at Leeds Children's Film Festival 2003)

Leeds 2003, Chemnitz 2003

Website: www.elreydelagranja.com

World sales address/es:
Bainet (Esp)

Sold to:
Aurum (Esp)