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Ketchup Effect, THE

Original title: Hip Hip Hora!
German title: Ketchup Effekt, Der
Sweden, 2004

Director: Fabik, Teresa
Production company: FilmLance
Co-producers: TV4
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

A teenage drama comedy, the film is told with great warmth and is packed with humour and recognition for all ages. Sofie is 13 and preparing to start junior high. Together with her two best friends she is making plans for her exciting time ahead with parties, new friends and getting to know the cute guy in school, Mouse. One day they are invited to a party, and Sofie, drunk on her own blend of home liquors, passes out. Mouse and his friends take advantage of the situation by taking compromising photos of her. Soon she is labelled the school slut, and besides trying to fight her tarnished reputation, Sofie realizes that she can't even rely on her two best friends - who are equally torned by the situation; choosing between their new gang or standing by their old friend? (Nonstopsales-information)

Original title is a play on words, meaning Hip Hip Whore.

Marketing strategies:
325.000 admissions in Sweden. Sweden’s most successful film at the box-office this year!

Kurt Linder scholarship 2003 for best feature debut by the Swedish Film Academy, Canal+ award at the Haugesund International Film Festival 2004, BUFF Malmö 2004, Kristiansand 2004, Buster Copenhagen 2004, Hamburg 2004, Cinekid Amsterdam 2004, Lübeck 2004, Gijon 2004, Munich 2005

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Sandrew Metronome DK A/S (DK)
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