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In the Duvet

Original title: V pe?in?
Czech Republic, 2011

Director: Brabec, František A.
Production company: HCE
Age recommendation: 5 years and up

Two enemies, the duvet cleaners and the office of Mrs. Hilda (the dream-reader), stand opposite each other on a beautiful town square. The grandfather from the cleaners has discovered a hidden world of dreams within the duvets and knows how to filter out the bad dreams, putting the dream-reader out of work - having only nice dreams, nobody goes to her for advice. If you happen to have a bad dream, just have the duvet cleaned. But one day the grandfather mysteriously disappears. His entire family then faces an adventure no one has ever dreamed of. The battle with Mrs. Hilda, the fight over the dreams and with the dreams themselves comes to a climax within the pillow world within the duvets.

Zlin 2011

Website: www.vperinach.cz

World sales address/es:
Hollywood Classic (CZ)

Sold to:
Hollywood Classic (CZ)