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In Fairytale We Trust

Original title: Skazka yest / ??????. ????
German title: In Fairytale We Trust *
Russia, 2012

Director: Solomina, Elizaveta / Barshak Alexander / Statsky Konstantin
Production company: Movie Pro
Co-producers: VVP AliansFilm
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

A full?length feature fairytale consists of three stories. Each of them is a modern tale ABOUT children and adults and FOR children and adults. All three parts are connected with each other by their main characters – children, who move from one novel to another. In the end all characters – both adults and children – will meet in an amusement park to look into each others’ eyes. Because children of the 21st century are the main connecting link which unites on?screen space and time…
Father is a successful architect who doesn’t have time even to talk to his family because of work. And Mother simply doesn’t know what to do to make everyone closer to each other like it was just recently. Could the adults find the right way if they didn’t have the 12?years old son? ...

Fedya meets them in a circus. Not real, but a circus of children’s fantasy – a magic circus where all people become real again. Real children. Father becomes a rowdy schoolboy, spontaneous and sincere who flings soap bubbles from Y?shaped stick. Mother becomes a ballet dancer. She fulfills her dream in this circus.

There are a lot of children in this circus. Both audience, who is still shocked by a successful trick, and clowns, who think of their focuses. In this circus everybody talks the same language – the language of childhood. And a child, as it turns out, still lives in each adult. You only need to remember this.

Children’s thriller. Sveta Krivosheeva is a student of the Teaching Institute who never has resigned to system and discipline. She goes to a summer practice to the EPISRE “School of Reversible Education”.As it turns out, she is going to work in an unusual place. School is grounded on a system of “zombing” both pupils and teachers. All children are a like. But teachers don’t know a thing about the subjects,and by night they become real monsters;and each person who comes to them turns into a monster through a special Phantasmagoric horror ritual from children’s dreams. To confront this you should be different.Through all this Sveta goes only because her young heart, which she keeps in herself and believes in good, and her new friend Vanya.

Dasha will have a sister soon. She doesn’t want this sister because she’ll have to share everything. And not only toys but parents, too.But once upon a time Dasha goes with parents in “Children’s World”, she falls into the world of live toys where she has an old sister Doll.Because of her, Dasha safes her toys: an iPod,a Dictionary and a Teddy Bear from seclusion in the room of unuseful toys, and understands that it is great to live in a big family where are both adults and youth, and all help each other! Dasha comes back to parents with a big present for her future little sister.

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