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It is Summer at Last

Original title: Na végre, itt a nyár!
German title: Endlich Sommer
Hungary, 2002

Director: Gergely Fonyó
Production company: Megafilm KFT, Budapest, Gábor Kálomista
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

The story starts in a small village, where children go to their grandparents every year for the holidays. Of course, these grandparents are very special - they had worked as artists in the world famous Bombardi circus. The children realize that their grandparents have borrowed money from a local entrepreneur in order to save their parent’s business. It looks like they are going to lose the house and shop. Their last salvation seems to be to the appearance of a famous artistic group whose production might be able to pay off the loan. Will they succeed in putting the old circus troop together? It would not be a children’s film if it could not be managed. (Zlin Festival 2003)

The makers of this film have shown that it is possible to shoot a film for children and still entertain adults. (Zlin Festival 2003)

Zlin 2003, Hamburg 2003

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