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Interval, The

Original title: L'Intervallo
German title: Interval, The *
Italy, Switzerland, Germany, 2012

Director: Costanzo, Leonardo di
Production company: tempesta and Amka Films Productions
Co-producers: RAI Cinema, RSI-Radiotelevisione svizzera, ZDF, Arte
Age recommendation: 15 years and up

A boy and a girl held captive up in a huge abandoned building in a slum. They must keep an eye on one another. She is a prisoner; he has been forced by the clan’s boss to be her guard.
Both are too adult for their years. Veronica acts like a woman of the world, Salvatore like a little man devoted to work and routine. And so they react differently to the ordeal of their imprisonment: Veronica is restless and rebellious; Salvatore more submissive and accommodating, whether for fear or for realism one isn’t sure. Both are victims but seem to blame each other for what’s happened.

Viennale 2012, Toronto IFF 2012, Venice 2012, Mumbai 2012, Castellinaria Bellinzona 2012, Solothurn 2013, Göteborg 2013

World sales address/es:
Rai Com (IT)

Sold to:
Luce Cinecittà (IT)