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In Your Arms

Original title: Dans tes Bras
German title: In Deinen Armen*
France, 2009

Director: Gillet, Hubert
Production company: Sombreo
Co-producers: Rhône-Alpes Cinéma
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

As a small boy, 16-year-old Louis was abandoned by his biological mother and thereafter grew up with adoptive parents. He lives a secluded and isolated life, and he can’t stop thinking of his origins. One day, he sets out to find his mother, Solange, in spite of his adoptive parents misgivings. It turns out that Solange is a flower merchant in a small French town, and Louis spies on her while he tries to gather the courage to confront her with the events of their past. The result is a tough process for both mother and son, but they are well supported by Clementine, whom Louis falls in love with. ‘In Your Arms’ is a powerful youth film, where classic subjects such as the search for identity and love are central elements.

Buster Copenhagen 2010

Website: www.hautetcourt.fr

World sales address/es:
Playtime (FR)

Sold to:
Haut et Court (F)