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I Am the Sea

Original title: Ben Bir Denizim
German title: I Am the Sea *
Turkey, 2020

Director: Evirgen, Umut
Production company: Set Sanat Nispetiye Mahallesi
Age recommendation: 16 years and up
Film genre: Feature film

Deniz (Sea), is a 20 year old boy who makes a living by gathering discarded cardboards for his father's recycling business. He returns to the warehouse empty handed every time unlike the Syrian refugees and gets scolded by his father. One day he enters a construction site, in order to collect more cardboard. There he meets Nisan (April), a young girl who will change the course of his life. He urgently needs to find some money in order to be with her. Once his dad refuses to help, he would have to figure out an alternative solution.

Cottbus IFF 2020

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