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Iqbal: Fearless Child

Original title: Iqbal – Bambini Senza Paura
German title: Iqbal: Fearless Child
Italy, France, 2015

Director: Fuzellier, Michel & Payami, Babak
Production company: Gertie srl
Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Length: 85 min.
Film genre: Animation

Iqbal is a good, talented ten-year old boy who lives in Kardù, a small village somewhere in the world. The adventure of Iqbal starts the day when the doctor prescribes some expensive medicines for Aziz, who suffers from pneumonia. Because there is no money, Iqbal decides to go to the market in Mapur to sell some of his beloved little goat. In Mapur he meets Hakeem, a treacherous but kind swindler, who offers to buy the medicines for Aziz: in return Iqbal will have to work in his friend Guzman’s rugs factory. How long will Iqbal have to work? We don’t know the answer. Guzman understands soon Iqbal’s skills and so the little child is forced to live in a dirty and cold warehouse and work hard to create a precious Blue Bangapur. Here Iqbal meets a group of young workers: Fatima, Emerson, Maria, Ben, Salman and Karim. All of them have similar stories caused by poverty. Iqbal has no choice but to start weaving his rug and think how to get out of this terrible situation. After a natural initial suspicion, Iqbal’s relationships with his companions become friendlier and the group of children becomes aware of their condition of “forever slaves”. When Iqbal comes to understand that his debt will never, ever be paid off, he starts planning a way to set himself and his friends free and go back home…

Marketing strategies:
Loosely based on Francesco D’Adamo's bestseller “Iqbal” about the life of Iqbal Masih, a Pakistani boy who has become a symbol of the fight against slavery and child labour.

The movie is the main part of a big trans-media project about children labor and consequent early school leaving. Many side-projects will be developed for different media: from art to new media through games and education. The Fearless Child project is developed in partnership with international institutions in order to make everyone aware of the huge social topics that the movie deals with.

Rome Film Fest 2015, Castellinaria Bellinzona 2015 (awarded), Cartoonclub Rimini 2016, Giffoni 2016, Schlingel CFF Chemnitz 2016, FiFEM Montreal 2017

Website: www.gertieproduction.com/en/produzioni/fearless-child/

World sales address/es:
Gertie (IT)

Sold to:
Academy Two (IT)
Memento (F)