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I Am A Terrorist

Original title: Je suis une terroriste
German title: Ich bin eine Terroristin
France, Germany, 2010

Director: Gaudissart, Valérie
Production company: Clandestine Films
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

Violette knows that she will go and one night, she will. Once away from her home,she will make good on her innermost wish, to walk in the steps of Rosa, the Rosa to whomshe feels intimately attached, her Rosa, Rosa Luxemburg. Just thirteen, but Violette,thinks of herself as Rosa’s heir, the guardian of her memory. In the energy and the courage of this revolutionary figure, she finds her own identity. She feels herself transported by the utopian vision of the letterswhich Rosa wrote from her prison cells in 1917.
She will tear herself away from the rural Burgundy countryside which is all she knows firsthand of life, and put into action her patient plans to run away, to go East, to get as far to the East as she can. By night train she will slip off, following directions which only make sense to her own whimsical reasoning, stopping off along the way wherever she thinks she can follow the traces of Rosa’s fatal odyssey. The vastly different adventures she will have, through Lorraine towards Berlin, to Poland, each border she crosses, each newencounter she makes, will mark her for life.

Her path will be secret and lonely, but she will meet so many different people and see such different sights, that her wish to grow up, to experience the world, and in what way a thirteen year old can,to change it, will be fulfilled.
Our Violette, still just a kid but no longer a child, is on her lonely way to a midnight encounter on the old stone bridge over the Landswehr Kanal in Berlin where Rosa was thrown, and determined totake up where Rosa left off. And she will end up in Luxembourg City, where in a way of her own invention, she joins forces with Rosa in a prison. Violette, escape artist and sayer of words of consolation, will have made of her 4000 mile trip an insolent but singular rite of initiation.

Dhaka/Bangla Desh 2011, Tromsø 2011, Zlin 2011, Lola Kenya Screen Nairobi 2011

Website: www.clandestine-films.fr/featured/ich-bin-eine-terroristin

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