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Imûhar „A legend“

Original title: Imûhar „Une legende“
German title: Imûhar - Eine Legende
France, 1996

Director: Dubuisson, Jacques
Production company: M. P. Productions, Paris
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

Eleven-year-old Khénan grew up in Paris. Following the death of his mother he travels to the African desert where he meets his grandfather for the first time. He is a nomad and belongs to the Imûhar people. The young boy has much to learn in his new environment, such as how to ride a camel, how important water is and how to speak without using words. Khénan's camel is so badly injured during a race that it has to be shot. The young boy feels responsible for the animal's death and runs away. He is found, almost dying of thirst, by another tribe who nurse him until he is well again. When Khénan is brought back to his family, his young aunt's eyes meet those of the tribesman who saved Khénan's life. Khénan realises that something has happened between these two. However, it is not until after many wonderful experiences together with his cousin Chadema that he learns what this look is all about. (IFF Berlin 1997)

KJK 3/97

Berlin 97

World sales address/es:
Flach Pyramide (F)

Sold to:
Eliza (B)