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Impy's Island

Original title: Urmel aus dem Eis
German title: Urmel aus dem Eis
Germany, 2006

Director: Klooss, Reinhard
Production company: Ambient Entertainment, Bavaria
Co-producers: Falcom
Age recommendation: 5 years and up

Impys Island is a kids animated feature in the vein of Ice Age and Finding Nemo. On a small island in the South Seas, a group of animals - a penguin, a lizard, a bird and a sea-elephant - have their idyllic lives interrupted by the arrival of naughty but lovable Impy, a prehistoric

Longer Version:
Professor Habakuk Tibatong lives and works on the volcanic island of Titiwu. His trademark: a universal scholar and amateur zoologist. The woman in charge of the household and headmistress of the small island school is the resolute and at the same time sensitive pig lady “Wutz”. Besides the professor’s adopted son, Tim Tintenklecks, an illustrious crew of island animals also take part in Tibatong’s unconventional language lessons: the penguin “Ping”, the lizard “Wawa”, the stork with the shoe-shaped beak “Schusch” and the sea elephant “Seelefant”.
One fine day, an iceberg is washed ashore on the island. Frozen inside the iceberg since the ice age is a prehistoric egg, which the island animals hatch with great care. And all of a sudden, a mysterious green creature jumps out: "Impy" – a naughty but lovable dino-baby. And this marks the end of their peaceful life on the island …

Computeranimation, based on a famous classical German book for children.

Marketing strategies:
200.000 admissions in France.

Showcommotion Sheffield 2007, Leeds 2008

Website: www.urmelausdemeis-derfilm.de

World sales address/es:
Hanway (GB)

Sold to:
Falcom (CH)