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Goat Story - The Old Prague Legends

Original title: Kozí p?íb?h - Pov?sti staré Prahy
Czech Republic, 2008

Director: Tománek, Jan
Production company: Art And Animation studio, Vision In Technology
Co-producers: D production, ?eská televize
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

This old legend is set in medieval Prague, which is haunted by ghosts and where legends are being born. The film's main heroes - the country boy Kuba and his cheeky Goat - participate in the building of Charles Bridge and of the famous astronomical clock, their path is crossed by the legendary executioner Mydlá? and their dreams are disturbed by the Hairy Ghost. The film continues the best traditions of Czech animated film, yet is complemented by the latest 3D animation technology and excellent dubbing. Parallel to Kuba's story we follow the destiny of a talented but extremely poor student Mat?j, assistant to Master Hanuš, who is scoffed at even by the poorest Prague beggars. By coincidence he gets to the mysterious house of Dr. Faust, where he is tempted by the Devil himself.


Nueva Mirada Buenos Aires 2010

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Czech TV (CZ)