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Glitter & Dust

Original title: Glitzer und Staub
German title: Glitzer und Staub
Germany, 2020

Director: Koch, Anna & Lemke, Julia
Production company: Flare Film
Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Length: 92 min.
Film genre: Documentary

A documentary film about girls who do manly things in the male dominated world of rodeo and who try to find their own path in the process.
Maysun does everything she can to gain her father's recognition, to meet his expectations - as a girl.
Tatyanna (17) is competing as a bullrider for the Navajo team. Not only is she one of a few girls riding bulls, she is doing so without a helmet or protection.
Although they move about in the powerful imagery of the American prairie and the myths of the Wild West, they give it new resonance and break free of it. In today's world, where many people yearn for the authoritarian systems of yesteryear, "Glitter & Dust" tells the story of cowgirls who seek a new tomorrow in their conservative homeland.

Max Ophüls FF Saarbrücken 2020, Zlin CFF 2020, Golden Sparrow Gera/Erfurt 2020, Lucas CFF Frankfurt 2020, Buster CFF Copenhagen 2020, Tromsø CFF 2021

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World sales address/es:
Taskovski Films (GB)

Sold to:
Port-au-Prince (DE)