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Girl in the Sneakers, The

Original title: Dokhtari ba kafsh-haye-katani
German title: Mädchen mit den Turnschuhen, Das
Iran, 1999

Director: Sadr-Ameli, Rassul
Production company: Art Bureau/Milad Film
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

15-year-old Tadaie has a boyfriend! His name is Aidin, and he is the same age as Tadaie. Every day, they meet after school in a park. One day, some passers-by who have noticed the young couple together altered the police. Their friendship is put to the test when Tadaie's parents hear about their relationship and forbid their daughter from going anywhere near Aidin.

Encouraging story about a young girl and her first love, living under the rules of the strict Muslim society.

Berlin 2000

Reinhold T. Schöffel, BJF: 28.02.2000

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Farabi (IR)