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Grand Hotel Ballet, The

Original title: Petits Maîtres du grand hôtel, Les
German title: Butterfly
France, 2018

Director: Deschamps, Jacques
Production company: TS Productions
Age recommendation: 14 years and up
Length: 80 min.
Film genre: Documentary

At the foot of the French Alps, students at the renowned Lesdiguières Hotel School are on track to become chefs, headwaiters and housekeepers for the world’s most prestigious hotels and restaurants. These young men and women, most from modest backgrounds, have come to this school to learn how to prepare food, serve and tidy in what eventually becomes a carefully crafted choreography. In this film at the crossroads of documentary and musical, these hopefuls dance and sing their way through the demanding training program; but will their rigorous preparation be enough to impress the famous institutions they dream of working for?

Rome IFF 2018, IDFA Amsterdam 2018, Dokfest Munich 2019, Youngabout FF Bologna 2020

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