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Greenhouse Effect

Original title: Skleníkovy efekt
Russia, 2005

Director: Akhadov, Valery
Production company: The Centre Of National Film (PJSC)
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

A story about the life of modern young people. - There were two lonely, lost teenagers. Rita, a small-town girl, is alone in an unfamiliar, busy city. Her baggage was stolen at the railway station. She has no papers, no money, she doesn’t know the address of her new friend, whom she met with for only a short moment. Rita is saved by a homeless boy nicknamed Mute, whom the indifferent society ignores as well. Only together they can make thaw the ice in each other’s soul.

"The real discovery of the festival however was „Greenhouse Effect“, the film about two lost teenagers in the megacity of Moscow. When Rita, a small-town girl, arrives at the central station, to visit the unknown father of her unborn child, her baggage and all her money is stolen. Rita is saved by a homeless boy nicknamed Mute, whom nobody wants in the society neither but who is very strong and has found shelter for some weeks in a greenhouse. Like sister and brother, but with some touch of shy sexuality they try to survive together and realize their dreams of a better life. This film is perfectly done, in best tradition of Russian cinematography, with poetic and metaphoric images, with a discreet music and a very intense presence of the actors on the screen, for example when they give the ashes of Mute’s friend to the river, who died from cancer. This film with humor and mutual care for each other really makes appetite for life despite of the difficult days they have to go through."
Holger Twele, Zlin 2006

Montreal 2005, Zlin 2006 (awarded), Shanghai 2006, Rolan Bykow CFF Yerevan/Armenia 2006 (awarded), Oulu 2007

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Center of National Film (RUS)
Pan Terra (RUS)