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Grandpa Is a Raisin

Original title: Nå skal du høre
German title: Hoer mal zu
Norway, 2005

Director: Sapegin, Pjotr
Production company: Kinopravda A/S
Age recommendation: 5 years and up

Outside, the snow lies deep. Inside, the grandparents are thinking their granddaughter needs a breath of fresh air. But the little girl has no intention of going out. No matter what her grandfather does to get her into her winter clothes, she finds a way of sabotaging his efforts. So Grandpa comes up with a deal: for every item of clothing that she puts on of her own free will, he will tell her a story. And so she learns (as does the cinema audience) of the man who found a salt mill, of Mons the cat who threatened to eat up the whole world, and even of the resistance movement in the Second World War. This forms the framework in which director Pjotr Sapegin showcases some of his finest animated film works, demonstrating his broad stylistic range and his well-known ability to add an unexpected twist to any story.

Animation, also for smaller children, 42 minutes long.

Chicago 2005 (awarded), Int'l Children's Film Festival Istanbul 2006, Singapore International Film Festival Malaysia 2006

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Norwegian Film Institute (N)

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