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Green Desert, The

Original title: Grüne Wüste
German title: Grüne Wüste
Germany, 1999

Director: Saul, Anno
Production company: TPI Katharina Trebitsch Production/ Lichtmeer
Co-producers: ZDF & ARTE
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

The green desert is the forest where Katja and Johann live out their daydreams. The forrest surrounds their home town and sometimes Katja wishes it would swallow it all up and with it the constraints of her family. Her friendship and love for Johann and their mutual dream to one excavate a knight and found their museum give Katja the air to breathe. But their childlike fantasy of a world of chivalry is cruelly invaded by real life when Johann begins to suffer from leukemia.

Green Desert tells the story of losing one's childhood, of encountering first pain, of growing up - and growing strong.

Munich CFF 1999, Pusan 1999,
Shanghai 1999, Cannes 2000, Shanghai International Film Festival 1999; Mar del Plata 1999, Olympia 2001;
Prizes won: Bavarian Film Prize 2000
Maverick Competition Awards/ Audience Favorites

Website: www.gruenewueste.de

World sales address/es:
Bavaria Media International (DE)

Sold to:
Lichtmeer (D)