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Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure

Original title: Tous a L'ouest, Une aventure de Lucky Luke
German title: Auf in den Westen, Lucky Luke
France, 2007

Director: Jean-Marie, Olivier
Production company: Xilam
Age recommendation: 7 years and up

New York in 1855. Once again, the Daltons are to receive the punishment they deserve, and once again it’s Lucky Luke who is responsible for carrying this out. And so the brave cowboy, who can famously draw a gun quicker than his own shadow, sets off for New York with the four notorious outlaws in tow; his task is to bring them before a court of law.
But the Daltons know exactly what is expected of them: just as so many times before, they manage to escape. Embarking on a new wave of bank raids that leaves a vast trail of damage behind, it’s not long before the state prosecutor is hot on their heels. To protect their booty the four brothers come up with what they believe is a brilliant idea: they hide their ill-gotten gains in a lone covered wagon standing in the midst of the wide expanse of the prairie. Having shaken off their pursuers, they return to the wagon where they make an unpleasant discovery: their lone wagon is now one of many – and they all look alike.
If they want to retrieve their booty they have no choice but to join the convoy of settlers making their way to California. And so they head for the Wild West once again. But, as they ride off into new adventures, Lucky Luke naturally has his watchful eye on the quartet.

A rollercoaster ride of laughs and adventures, delivered with great wit, genius, and humor. A film full of inventive visual gags combined with an intelligent use of music, mixing historical and modern life elements. A celebration of the joy of cinema. (International Experts' Jury, Generation Berlin 2008)

Generation Berlin 2008 (awarded), Discovery Dundee 2008

World sales address/es:
Wild Bunch (FR)

Sold to:
Pathé France
Pathé (CH)