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Granny & the Kids

Original title: Mormor og de åtte ungene
German title: Oma zu Besuch
Norway, 2013

Director: Gamlem, Lisa Marie
Production company: Paradox Film AS
Age recommendation: 5 years and up

Granny & the Kids tells the story of Mona, who is slightly too small to be big, and too big to be small. This is the classical underdog story, in which both she and Grandma feel pushed into the background. Mona feels she doesnt quite fit in, and struggles to find her place in a family which suddenly consists of a lot of people. She has to prove her position, and she can do so by finding the lorry that has been stolen. She goes hunting for the lorry together with Grandma, who suddenly and unexpectedly appears for an inconvenient visit, simultaneously carrying a secret. Together they set out for a trip into town, at first slightly hesitant and anxious, then increasingly courageous, until they finally find the lorry. All problems are solved, and Mona and Grandma are heroes! Granny the Kids is a story about getting back on your feet after having been down-and-out, related in a charming way, and with plenty of humour, excitement, song and dance.

Vienna CFF 2014, Ale Kino! Poznan 2014, Vienna CFF 2021

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