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Greyfriar's Bobby

Original title: Greyfriar's Bobby
German title: Hund von Greyfriars, Der
Great Britain, 2005

Director: Henderson, John
Production company: Piccadilly Pictures
Age recommendation: 7 years and up

Brief synopsis:
Bobby, a small dog, befriends Ewan, a young boy. The adventures that they share in 19th century Edinburgh change their lives and the city forever. Based on the true story of 'Greyfriars Bobby'.

Longer version:
‘800: Greyfriars, Edinburgh. Ewan is a young boy who adores Bobby, a terrier belonging to policeman John Gray. When Gray dies, Ewan wants to care for him but Bobby wants to be beside Gray’s grave. Minister Lee lets Bobby stay in the churchyard, much to the disgust of Smithie, an indu-strialist, and Johnson, Commissioner of the or-phans’ workhouse. Smithie and Johnson get Gray’s widow to move away with Bobby but she sets him free. Bobby runs for miles, through many adventures. When he returns to Edinburgh, he receives a hero’s welcome. But Ewan’s delight is short. His slum collapses, killing his mother and putting him in the custody of Johnson at the workhouse. One day Bobby reappears and Ewan escapes. Furious, Johnson reports Bobby for being unlicensed: without owner, he is about to be put down. Ewan must find the courage to speak up in defence of his best friend.

Giffoni 2005, Castellinaria Bellinzona 2005 (awarded), Kristiansand 2006, Lucas Frankfurt 2006

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