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Giants, The

Original title: Géants, Les
German title: Giganten, Die *
Belgium, France, Luxembourg, 2011

Director: Lanners, Bouli
Production company: Versus, Haut et Court
Co-producers: Samsa Film, Arte France Cinéma, RTBF (Télévision Belge)
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

It’s summertime and two brothers, aged 13 and 16, are in the countryside. Along with a friend they get up to mischief, smoke joints, drive cars and fool around with guns. Abandoned by their parents, things soon start to escalate: to earn some money, they sublet their house to some junkies and move into a fancy summerhouse. Beautiful settings, odd characters, great music and a perfect mix of humour and seriousness make ”The Giants” an unforgettable film. (BUFF Malmö 2012)

Cannes 2011, Chicago 2011, Santa Barbara 2012, BUFF Malmö 2012 (awarded), Vittorio Veneto 2012, Zlin 2012, Buster Copenhagen 2012 (awarded)

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Haut et Court (F)