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Gagarin's Grandson

Original title: Vnuk Gagarina
German title: Gagarins Enkel
Russia, 2007

Director: Panin, Andrej & Vladimirtseva, Tamara
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

Fedya is a talented but unusual artist. He hardly gets by on his art. One day Fedya learns that he has got a relative. He is supposed to have a brother who lives in an orphanage. Fedya is not so sure about that, but he still sets off. And really! Having arrived at his destination he experiences the next surprise. His alleged brother is much younger. Moreover, he claims to be the grandson of the famous cosmonaut Juri Gagarin. And he is black.

From now on, the unequal brothers master their life together. Gradually they become acquainted with one another. One question still occupies Fedya and Gena. Are they really brothers?

Andrej Panin is one of Russia's most celebrated actors. This film is his debut as a director.

Chemnitz 2007 (Special Mention)

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