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Year of Production 2023

Kensuke's Kingdom

English title: Kensuke's Kingdom
Original title: Kensuke's Kingdom
German title: Kensuke's Kingdom *
Great Britain, Luxembourg, France, 2023

Director: Boyle, Neil / Hendry, Kirk
Production company: Align, Bankside Films, Bumpybox, Jigsaw Films, Lupus Films
Co-producers: Mélusine, Le Pacte
Length: 85 min.
Film genre: Animation

A young boy, shipwrecked on a remote island, discovers he’s not alone when he encounters a hostile old Japanese soldier who retreated there after World War II. But as dangerous invaders appear on the horizon, it becomes clear they must join forces to save their fragile island paradise.

Marketing strategies:
Based on: "Kensuke's Kingdom" by Michael Morpurgo

Annecy IFF 2023

World sales address/es:
Bankside (GB)

Sold to:
Le Pacte (FR)