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Year of Production 2023


English title: Excursion
Original title: Ekskurzija
German title: Exkursion
Bosnia-Herzegowina, Croatia, Serbia, France, Norway, Qatar, 2023

Director: Gunjak, Una
Production company: Soca/pro ba, Nukleus Films, Film House Bas Celik, Salaud Morisset, Mer Film
Age recommendation: 14 years and up
Length: 93 min.
Film genre: Feature film

If once teenage sexuality was an unexplored secret, in the days of social media and relentless sharing, it's something experienced almost publicly and often distorted. In Sarajevo, a high school girl, caught in a game of truth or dare, fabricates a lie about having had sex with her boyfriend. Trapped in this web of deceit, she is forced to invent a pregnancy with unforeseen consequences.

Locarno IFF 2023, Schlingel CGG Chemnitz 2023, Thessaloniki IFF 2023, Zagreb IFF 2023, Just Film CFF Tallinn 2023, Bosnia's and Herzegovina's submission for Academy Awards in 2024, Zagreb IFF 2023, Cottbus IFF 2023, BUFF Malmö 2024

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