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Year of Production 2023

Ghosts Under the Ferris Wheel

English title: Ghosts Under the Ferris Wheel
Original title: Spuk unterm Riesenrad
German title: Spuk unterm Riesenrad
Germany, 2023

Director: Stuber, Thomas
Production company: Mideu Films
Co-producers: Kinderkanal, MDR, ZDF
Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Length: 94 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Thirteen-year-old Tammi is about to go on holiday with her mother to Formentera when her mobile rings. Grandpa Jackel, owner of a pretty run-down amusement park, has suddenly died. Tammi hardly knew her grandfather, and now she is supposed to meet her annoying relatives in the sticks. Above all, Tammi fears for her challenge, for which she needs great photos and lots of followers. When they arrive at Jackel’s Funfair, three spooky ghost train characters come to life on the very first night during a powerful thunderstorm: a giant that can raise storms, a witch that can imitate voices, and Rumpelstiltskin, who has telekinetic abilities. The three of them never leave their mummy” Tammi?s side. No one suspects that on the same night, her grandfather’s ghost entered the polka-dot pony and tries to realise his dream of the family carrying on the amusement park. But Tammi and her mother finally want to go on holiday. Once they have left, the ghosts go crazy – disappointed that their “mummy” has left them.

Schlingel CFF Chemnitz 2023, Kinolino Dresden 2023 (awarded), Hof CFF 2024

World sales address/es:
Mideu Films (DE)

Sold to:
Farbfilm-Verleih (DE)