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Year of Production 2023

7 or How to Stop the Time

English title: 7 or How to Stop the Time
Original title: 7 oder Wie halte ich die Zeit an
German title: 7 oder Wie halte ich die Zeit an
Germany, 2023

Director: Starost, Antje & Grotjahn, Hans Helmut
Production company: Starost Film
Co-producers: Arte, WDR
Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Length: 86 min.
Film genre: Documentary

A leap in time with a look ahead.

13 years after our film "7 or Why I exist", the documentary "7 or How to stop the time" is a reunion with the same 7 children from, it seems, a distant time. "You are born, you close your eyes and immediately you are 4 years old." Says Basile at 9. And today, "If I could have a superhuman ability, it would be: to stop the time."

A film about life and about finding happiness. About the beautiful moments of childhood and the desire to preserve childishness. About the great love and the melancholy, the confusions and insecurities. About the difficulties of understanding the world, enduring it and improving it. And about the joy of thinking.With Basile, Chrysanthi, Jonathan, Albrecht, Vanessa, Vici and Vivi.

The film brings to heart their philosophical context to the life and future of a generation between 20 and 30. Even as children, they impressed and inspired us with their curiosity about "difficult questions".And even today they give us the opportunity to watch them think. And in the "gradual production of thoughts while speaking" (Heinrich von Kleist).

That is what makes them so appealing. Then as now.

Theatrical release scheduled for 2024.

Hof IFF 2023

Website: www.starostfilm.de

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