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Year of Production 2023

No Way Home

English title: No Way Home
Original title: No Way Home
German title: No Way Home
Great Britain, 2023

Director: Khan, Yousaf Ali
Production company: Pentney Khan Pictures Ltd, Shenzhen China UK Culture, Creativity Investment Fund Management Ltd
Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Length: 110 min.
Film genre: Feature film

When a troubled ten-year-old, Ryan, escapes his mother and her boyfriend, Jason, by playing in the industrial wasteland near his home, he finds an injured man of Middle Eastern origin, a Syrian immigrant, hiding out from the police. Ryan convinces himself he’s found his estranged father. With Ryan secretly helping to supply him with food and medicine, the two develop a close bond, but danger lurks from the racist Jason and his mates, who manage to locate the man’s hiding place. When Ryan discovers this, he is desperate to try and help, with potentially dire consequences.

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