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Year of Production 2023


English title: Dyad
Original title: Dyad
German title: Dyad
Bulgaria, 2023

Director: Titova, Yana
Production company: Portokal, No Blink Studio, Sonus, Right Solutions
Age recommendation: 14 years and up
Length: 90 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Smart, angry, self-reliant Dida (16) will stop at nothing to achieve a single tangible goal—to buy a plane ticket so that she can join her estranged mother in the USA. Dida steals, bullies and beats people up for ready cash. She is suspended from school and her pregnancy test reads positive. When it seems that things cannot get any worse, Dida realises her mother never intended to take her daughter to America with her. Dida’s world falls apart and there is no way back.

Golden Rose IFF Varna 2023, Warsaw IFF 2023, Just Film CFF Tallinn 2023 (awarded), Cottbus IFF 2023

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