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Year of Production 2023

Infinite Slime Movie, The

English title: Infinite Slime Movie, The
Original title: Oneindige Slijmfilm, De
German title: Infinite Slime Movie, The
Netherlands, 2023

Director: Smits, Martijn
Production company: NewBe
Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Length: 81 min.
Film genre: Feature film

When a mysterious slime stone with magical powers suddenly arrives from outer space Indy’s slime adventure continues. When it falls into the hands of supervillain Xenia Kobalt, the entire world starts arguing and fighting. Hand in hand with old and new slime friends and the perky alien Klatu, her quest to stop Xenia takes Indy beyond infinity. Can she do it?.

Marketing strategies:
The infinite slime movie is part of the successful slime movie series with more than 900,000 cinema admissions in the Netherlands.

World sales address/es:
Incredible Film (NL)