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Year of Production 2023

I Don't Love You Anymore

English title: I Don't Love You Anymore
Original title: Uz te neman rad
German title: I Don't Love You Anymore *
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, 2023

Director: Jirasky, Zdenek
Production company: i/o post
Co-producers: Arina Film Production, Tangaj Production
Age recommendation: 14 years and up
Length: 110 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Thirteen years old Marek shoots videos with social themes, making him an outsider among his classmates. At home, his peaceful relationship with his mother is disrupted by his mother’s new acquaintance. In the most sensitive phase of his life, Tereza enters his path. Despite their social differences, they develop a liking for each other. Soon teenage games spiral out of control with a simulated kidnapping, culminating in a runaway from home. They board a train and a series of spontaneous adventures pursue until they get lost in a labyrinth of endless freedom. The attraction of desperation turns into the taste of loneliness and fear of the unknown and emotional outbursts begin to drown in the loss of illusions.

Warsaw IFF 2023 (awarded), Just Film CFF Tallinn 2023, Stockholm Junior CFF 2024

World sales address/es:
i/o post (CZ)

Sold to:
CinemArt (SK)
CinemArt (CZ)