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Return, The

German title: Rückkehr, Die
Russia, 2003

Director: Zvyagintsev, Andrey
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

Ivan and Andreys father returns to the family. After twelve years of absence he lies in their mother’s bed as if nothing had happened. The father takes his sons fishing. The oldest son is delighted, but when the trip turns out to have another aim than just fishing the younger brother suddenly doubts their father’s true identity.

"A film and a director offering us a story, strong characters, brilliant acting and personal vision in a very consequent manner. It gave us pure cinematographic joy. What else can you ask for? Maybe to share it with children.” (Jury Buster Copenhagen 2004)

Buster Copenhagen 2004 (awarded)

Sold to:
Frenetic (CH)
Movienet (D)