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Rimolar ve Zimolar: Kasabada Baris

Original title: Rimolar ve Zimolar: Kasabada Baris
German title: Rimolar ve Zimolar: Kasabada Baris
Turkey, 2014

Director: Kurtulus, Ismet & Er, Nermin
Production company: Pati Film
Age recommendation: 4 years and up
Length: 75 min.
Film genre: Animation

The inhabitants of the towns of Rimo and Zimo are really scared of one another, and avoid one another like the plague. Until one day two naughty Rimo boys find a lost Zimo baby. At first they are afraid of the baby, but they also think it’s kind of cute. When they return the baby, a great commotion arises – but it also emerges that the longstanding animosity between the towns is the result of a failed romantic assignation. Fortunately, it’s never too late to clear up a misunderstanding.

Istanbul IFF 2015, Cinekid Amsterdam 2015

Website: www.rimozimo.com

World sales address/es:
Pati Film (TR)