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Raven the Little Rascal

Original title: kleine Rabe Socke, Der
German title: kleine Rabe Socke, Der
Germany, 2012

Director: Münchow-Pohl, Ute von & Jesse, Sandor
Production company: Studio 88 Werbe- und Trickfilm GmbH
Co-producers: Akkord Film Produktion , SWR, HR
Age recommendation: 4 years and up

A children’s animated feature film based on an internationally bestselling book series for a main target audience of 3 to 8 year olds telling a universal story about friendship, loyalty and honesty in which Little Raven and his friends have to work up all their courage to save their beloved forest.

Marketing strategies:
More than a half million tickets sold in Austrian, German and Swiss theatres after 9 weeks.

Lünen 2012, Golden Sparrow Gera/Erfurt 2013, Zlin 2013, Cinekid Amsterdam 2013, Chicago ICFF 2013, Filemon Brussels 2013, Anima Brussels 2015, Jeugdfilmfestival Vlaanderen 2016

Website: www.rabe-socke-film.de

World sales address/es:
Akkord Film (D)

Sold to:
Universum (DE)
Gébéka (F)